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Complaint Process

This process covers the complaints made regarding our services received, and the attitude of employees & service providers at various contact points. The scope is to enhance your satisfaction with Ascot & Fitch, determine ways of improvement, and to develop Ascot & Fitch’s business process. We will take the necessary actions accordingly, determine the perceived service quality as a result of business process, reinforce our goal to maintaining high service standards, and undertake all of our dealings with utmost good faith.

We are committed to efficient and effective complaints management.
Our commitment involves:
  • All levels of the company (Ascot & Fitch), particularly the organization’s management;
  • Encouraging an organizational culture that welcomes complaints as an opportunity to improve services;
  • Reporting information about complaints management in executive reports;
  • Complying with local insurance brokerage regulations.

What is a Complaint?

Any expression of dissatisfaction by a customer, potential customer or other business partner or any regulatory body made to Ascot & Fitch directly or indirectly which is related to the product or services provided by Ascot & Fitch or which is related to an employee of Ascot & Fitch or provided by another business partner of Ascot & Fitch.
Some examples of justified complaints are:
  • The complainant has a reason to be dissatisfied with attitude of an Ascot & Fitch employee, or aggressive behaviour on the part of an employee;
  • A claim was denied by a service provider when it should have been paid;
  • The claim was not handled in timely manner;
  • The complainant was given poor customer service, for instance, the customer’s repeated phone calls to Ascot & Fitch are not returned;
  • Ascot & Fitch did not do what they told the customer they would do;
  • Ascot & Fitch’s position was not adequately explained;
  • The exact cover of a policy was not adequately explained;

What is not a Complaint?

Any expression of dissatisfaction concerning denial of coverage which is clearly not covered under the policy or where the cost of a claim exceeds the monetary limit under the terms of the policy are not complaints. However, where the case of the complaint relates wholly or in part to vague wording or unclear definitions in the policy wording, terms & conditions or table of benefits this will be considered as a complaint.

The Complaint Handling Process

There are five stages to our complaint handling process:
  1. Receive the complaint
  2. Assess the complaint
  3. Investigate the complaint
  4. Resolve the complaint
  5. Monitor the complaint

How do I register a complaint?

Please us our online registration form to formally lodge a complaint with Ascot & Fitch Insurance Brokers LLC. By using the online registration form it will ensure that the complaint reaches the correct department quickly, and should help us to expedite the resolution process.

Before registering the complaint, please would you ensure that the following information is available:
  • The name of the person or company againts whom the complaint is lodged.
  • The Emirate or Region in which the policy is held.
  • The policy number, or policy reference number.
  • A description of exactly what occured, including all the relevant details.