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What is an Insurance Consultant?
An Insurance Consultant should be an insurance professional, specializing in all classes of insurance. An Insurance Consultants will advise the Client on various insurance criteria according to a pre-determined scope of services. These typically include:

• To identify risk exposures that are both insurable and uninsurable
• Identifying the types of insurance cover to consider and those for which you may elect to ‘self-insure’
• Advising on which Insurers to approach for quotations
• Compiling policy wording specification
• Checking of final policy wordings received from the Insurers
• Advising on claims handling or settlements

However, the emphasis is heavily on ‘advise’. The Consultant’s role is not ‘hands on’. Generally the Client will deal with the Insurance Company and refer queries to the Consultant. This can result in a considerable traffic of correspondence between parties.
The Insurance Consultant is remunerated directly by the Client, by means of a fee negotiated in advance with the Client. The Consultant works to a very specific scope of services. This can be agreed in advance, but generally anything that may from time to time fall outside the scope of services, will be considered as chargeable at an extra cost.