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"Published on 31 October 2017"

Can you use multiple health insurances concurrently? DHA clarifies:

It is mandatory for residents in the UAE to have health insurance. Employers are required to provide health coverage for their employees and sponsors must get insurance cover for their resident dependents.

But what happens when a resident has multiple health insurances?

For example: A wife is covered by the insurance provided by her spouse's company. Once she joins a firm, her new employer is obligated to provide her with a health insurance.

Would both her insurance cards work in this case and can they be used interchangeably?

We called up the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to get clarity and here's what they had to say - "The Dubai Health Authority does not have any restrictions on the number of health insurances a resident is covered under. The law needs residents to have at least one insurance cover and there is no breach in legality in owning two. Whether you can enjoy the benefits of both the insurances also depends on the agreement between the resident and their employer. As in few cases, the employer might insist on you holding one health insurance."

Can a resident use multiple health insurance cards at the same time?

DHA says: "Having two health insurance plans running concurrently is allowed but residents can make a claim only from one policy and double claim will be treated as illegal. You need to submit a separate set of documents to make your claims."
The extent of coverage for employers and their dependents is determined by the employee's salary, designation etc. The extent of coverage and type of policy/scheme would determine the cost of your medical services.

Providing health insurance is mandatory.

It is mandatory for employers and sponsors to provide health cover to their employees and their families. Failing to do so can attract a fine of Dh500 per month. Apart from the fine, no new visa will be granted and no existing visas renewed without health insurance, according to the DHA.

In 2016, the DHA mandated insurance companies to make sure they cover Sharjah and the Northern Emirates. The order came into effect after the authority received feedback from policyholders. Previously, it was optional and some companies did not offer insurance coverage outside Dubai.

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Source: Anita Iyer Khaleej Times