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Credit Guarantee Insurance

In it's simplest form, this insurance is the insurance of your debtors. An insurance policy is issued, covering your domestic or international debtors if you are an exporter.

The Insurance Company will investigate each of the client’s debtors and issue cover against payment default by them.

The advantages of having this insurance in place are as follows:
  • Banks are likely to offer you more extensive credit facilities on more favorable terms if your debtors are credit insured
  • Credit insurance gives you the absolute confidence to explore higher risk business opportunities you would normally avoid for fear of non-payment
  • It protects your cash flow by replacing cash promptly, should any customer's insolvency or payment default occur
  • With a nominal fee (premium), bad debt to an extent can be eliminated.
  • By insuring your debtor's payment risk with Credit Guarantee, you will have peace of mind and always feel secured with that ‘guarantee’ that you'll always be paid.

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