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What is Computer All Risk Cover?

The Computer All Risks policy offers protection for computer systems. This means all parts of the electronic data processing installation including tapes, cards, disks, disk packs, and any other data carrying media.
This may also include other items such as air conditioning, temperature and environmental control equipment, power supply and voltage regulating control equipment and interconnecting wiring.
It is divided into three parts:
Material damage to the computer hardware and ancillary equipment e.g. air conditioning plant. Replacement of data media following material damage to or misuse or contamination of the computer system. Additional costs for the continuation of computer operations following material damage to the computer system, using other installations, including rental, overtime and data media.

The main hazards that are considered for this type of cover are fire, water damage, theft and physical damage to the equipment.
Computer related material items are covered, but this does not include the data that is stored on media sources on the system. For data related coverage, please see the Cyber Insurance section of our website.

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