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Personal Yacht & Boat Insurance:

Yacht Insurance

Yacht, whether it’s your weekend cruiser, your cup winning racer or your superyacht in the sun, Ascot & Fitch will help make sure that insuring all of your assets is smooth sailing. Because we understand prestige yachts and prestige yacht owners, we know that offering the right yacht insurance is about more than comparing premiums; it is about listening to our customers, keeping promises and providing the most exceptional service.

What possible riskd does this policy generally cover:
  • Loss or damage to the Hull, Engine etc. of your Yacht, Speed Boat, Pleasure Craft
  • Loss or damage to your contents/personal effects therein
  • Loss or damage to Third Party Property
  • Bodily Injury to Third Party
  • Bodily Injury to Captain of the Boat & Passengers

Small Pleasure Craft Insurance

This Policy covers loss or damage to the craft including its sails and covers, mast, spars, anchors, cables and engine including the launching trolley and the trailer by which the craft is towed.
The insurance also covers loss of life or loss of or damage to any other vessel or property.
The company shall also pay salvage charges and other necessary expenses incurred for the purposes of averting or diminishing loss or damage covered by the policy.

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